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RSS/ATOM feed reader, aggregator, news ticker and Web grabber in one freeware program.
Latest release: NewsPiper 3.8.5 (Jun-09-2009)
NewsPiper is a freeware program that combines RSS/ATOM feed reader and aggregator, news ticker and Web grabber in one environment.
It allows to monitor your favorites news sites (like cnn.com, foxnews.com, etc.), RSS feeds or blogs, retrieve necessary news and display it in the usual three panes newsreader interface (channels | news titles | news details) or scroll them in a special bar (NewsBar) placed at the top of your Windows XP or Vista desktop.

For each shown headline you can open "full story" page in your default web browser simply by clicking on the headline.
NewsPiper is open for customization. You can turn off main newsreader window and leave only NewsBar on your desktop or vice versa. You can also hide them both and allow NewsPiper to live in your tray and just pronounce news. Any panel in NewsBar can moved and resized. Color, font, ticker speed, etc. - all described parameters can be changed easily.
There are several ways to add a new channel for monitoring: you can manually enter URL of web-site or RSS feed, drag-n-drop it from web-browser or another program or simply paste it from clipboard. You can also add channels from "Online channel catalog" which contains many popular web-sites and RSS feeds.

NewsPiper Pro edition
Pro edition of NewsPiper includes all features of Standard edition and have many additional options which are useful for people who work with news and need more control on content organization.
Main benefits of Pro edition are:

  • An ability to filter news shown in main window by keywords or other parameters
  • An ability to setup several rows of NewsBar with unlimited number of panels in each row;
  • News pronouncing (using Microsoft Speech API);
  • News filtration in NewsBar panels (so only necessary headlines will be scrolled in news ticker);
  • An ability to mark any headline as read, to show only unread news, hide NewsBar if there is no any unread news in it;

Newspiper Pro is distributed as shareware. You can download it and test freely without any limitation during 30 days. After that you register it or unistall and remove from your computer.

Customized News/Stock Ticker for your company!
You can also order us to develop custom version of NewsPiper for your company. Custom version works exactly like standard edition of NewsPiper and can include the following modifications:

  • Your logo, changed program title and link to your web-site;
  • Predefined list of channels (for example your company news, internal information for your partners or employees, etc.);
  • The following features can be turned on or off: an ability to add/edit/delete channels and an ability to access online channels catalog
Custom version will have install/uninstall support and can be distributed just like any other software through web-sites, CD-ROMs, e-mail, etc.
The development process usually takes about 1 week but can take more time in case you have some special requests.
Pricing is staring from $200 and depends on number of necessary modifications. Contact us for details.
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Version 3.8.5 release.
Some problems with Chinese language support have been fixed;
Version 3.8.1 release.
Few minor bugs have been fixed;
Version 3.8.0 release.
New ticker engine. An ability to connect to secure channels.
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